Cloud Based Platform

How to make your business simple?

Technology can make everything as simple as possible, user skip the steps of photo shooting, printing leaflet and logistics. It saves manpower to design and follow up, saves paper to print leaflet, saves time to deliver the promotion materials, and saves cost on everything.

Contents are easy create, edit and delete to one or unlimited of displays consistency at the same time. User just uploaded their contents to the server, create the playlist, and schedule what you want and when you play.

How to capture your potential customers?

Digital display can produce more eye-catching, dynamic and attractive messages to your potential customers, our platform can broadcast any contents, such as text, images, videos, live TV and etc. It can easy to capture your potential customers in the shopping frame of mind and persuade them to look at your news when they saw it.

How to attract customers easily?

Different templates for different nature of businesses, they can manage their products, fashions, dishes and events at the most easiest in anytime. It included more attractive display, OSD poster and banner, scrolling message bar, resize and scaling video, floating icon and image.

How to make more benefits?

Digital signage screen is a natural extension of your marketing efforts. Social media is one of promotion tools in the market nowadays, such as Webpage, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and etc. User can connect our player to their screen to show their live social media news whose content can be automated to entertain customers and visitors in your business.